What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a special network type, it works like a tube, which allows you to connect directly to remote network and use its data, websites and so on. This connection provides safe and anonymous data exchange.

How VPN protects you?

1.Hides IP-address and location.
You borrow IP-address and location of VPN-server and do not show your personal data. In addition, many people use the same server simultaneously, which make it hard to highlight your data from other users` data.

2.Data encryption
Your information is being encrypted on the way from your device to VPN-server. Even if a hacker manages to steal your data, it still will be almost impossible for him to decrypt it.

3.No entry.
VPN does not record your actions in Internet. Almost all internet providers track your research history. So, when you use VPN there are no records about websites you have visited or apps you used. It also prevents hackers from using these sites/apps weak spots to get access to your private information.

Why do you need VPN?

All of us want our Internet search to be protected. Not all users may know that sometimes home Wi-Fi network can be as dangerous as one with public access. This means that any data you transfer through a public network becomes public. This way internet provider can see information you are accessing, it can control content to which you get access and block any type of forbidden websites. Almost any specialist, starting from governmental structures ending with private companies can find out what you do, when you do it and where do you work. The worst thing about this is hackers and cybercriminals who can steal your private data, for example: credit card number, bank account number, passcode and other data, which must be secured and use it for fraud. If you to wish to secure your digital life for 100%, do not be afraid to use VPN. Some people may think this is an exaggeration to use VPN, but you must never underestimate criminals.